Ah, they grow up so fast! It seems just yesterday, Romeo was proclaiming himself too young to need a girlfriend, and now here he is, grown and all ready to settle down and shit. Rumor Fix paparazzi caught up with the one-time kiddie pop star and barraged him with questions about Dancing With the Stars, but Romeo had more serious business in mind. "I just wanna say, Demi Lovato, this is me proposing to you right now," Romeo addressed to the camera. "Ain't got the ring right now, but that's nothin'."

He went on to explain from where his love for the Disney star blossomed: "I met Demi Lovato probably about three years ago, before she was who she was. And I just randomly, I was like come here, take down my number. I gave her my number, she had a nice smile, and that's what it was." He also promised Demi the "craziest wedding ever...50 million dollar wedding" and at one point even got down on one knee! Awwwww!! We always cry at random paparazzi proposals.