Take this with entire steak's worth of salt, but Media Take Out is reporting that Rihanna and Chris Brown will be performing together at the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards:

Artists usually have to submit their performances FOR APPROVAL by producers within two weeks of the show. And we're told that Rih demanded to have CHRIS BROWN perform with her.

A person working with the VMAs told MediaTakeOut.com, "[The producers] like the ratings that [a Chris-Rihanna duel] would bring, but there could be some backlash too. . . There isn't much choice since Rihanna is insisting that he perform with her."

Rihanna's intense desire to perform with Chris Brown at the VMAs is apparently more legit than her intense desire to perform with Chris Brown at Australia's Supafest in April...

Rihanna is currently in Sydney, Australia promoting her new Battleship movie and Chris is boarding a plane and on his way to Sydney as we speak before he hops over to Brisbane for the opening leg of the annual Supafest show (one of the biggest annual concerts in the world). It is rumored that they will perform ‘Turn up the Music’ together for the first time and maybe even ‘Birthday Cake’.

Or American Idol's intense desire to reunite Rihanna and Brown on the show in February...

American Idol producers have approached Chris Brown and Rihanna about performing on the show this season!

A show insider says Idol is determine to make this happen.

...Neither of which ended up happening. But hey, keep putting it out there and eventually you'll be right, right?