RuPauls Drag Race Recap—A Ru Hollywood Story

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One thing became glaringly clear on this week’s episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race…these queens can’t act for shit.

RuPaul challenged the girls to act of the Ru True Hollywood Story: Whatever Happened To Merle Ginsberg? They were put into teams of three, and a member from each team had to portray Ru, Merle, and Michelle Visage.

Katya, Kennedy and Ginger are teamed together and slay it, mainly because of Katya and Ginger. Kennedy is a wet blanket playing Ru, and to be honest she’s completely lost her sparkle. Katya played Merle brilliantly but it’s Ginger who stole the show as a cross between Danny DeVito, The Fonz, and Michelle Visage.

Max, Kandy, and Violet do their version and it’s PAINFUL. First of all, every character Max plays is a geriatric and it’s getting old. Kandy plays Ru and it’s a nightmare. AND her goddamn contoured beard is back. Girl, you need to watch some YouTube tutorials and figure your face out.

Last came Jaidynn, Pearl, and Miss Fame. Pearl has really raised her game the last couple of weeks. She played Michelle, but it was almost like two characters because Michelle’s boobs had a life of their own.

Finally the runway came and the queens were challenged with “Death Becomes Her”--basically how would your drag character die? Side note: Ariana Grande is the guest celebrity judge—and girlfriend slays it. This show is getting some major stars to appear this season and it’s fabulous.

Katya’s look is by far the best. She’s totally rocking a Tara Reid/Sharknado/death by shark vibe and it’s amazing. Not only does her team win the acting challenge, but Katya is the winner for the week.

Jaidynn is in the bottom two because her Orange Is The New Black barbwire look is weak. But nothing’s as weak as the other queen in the bottom two, Kandy Ho. Shocking. Her vampire look is sooooo high school Halloween.

They both lip sync to Ariana Grande’s Break Free and by the skin of her teeth, Jaidynn beats Kandy. So long, HO! Don’t let the door smack you in the ass on your way out.

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