RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap—Lipstick Thespians

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What do you get when you combine drag queens and Shakespeare on Rupaul's Drag Race?? A first class ticket on the hot mess express!

The episode started with a mini challenge where the queens has 15 minutes to get in their best old lady drag, complete with wrinkles and walkers that had them looking like the cast of Cocoon. The two winners were Max (cuz she’s essentially an old lady) and Kennedy Davenport.

Max and Kennedy were then team captains for the main challenge where the queens had to put a twist on two Shakespeare classics—“Romy and Juliet” and “Macbitch.”

Side note, Shakespeare actually coined the term drag back in the day when men played all the roles and even Dressed As A Girl.

This was a major issue for more than half of the queens who knew absolutely NOTHING about Shakespeare.

“Call me young, call me illiterate, I’ve never heard of Macbeth,” Pearl confessed. Fine bitch, you’re young and illiterate.

Rupaul and Michelle Visage directed the plays, and first up was team Max. They all did a great job except for Jaidynn Dior Fierce who realized she can’t act for shit. She had a mini meltdown, but pulled herself together and they finished “Romy and Juliet” relatively easily.

Team Kennedy, not so much. Things got off to a terrible start when Kennedy didn’t think that the girls needed to rehearse together before the actual production in front of Ru and Michelle. Jasmine couldn’t remember any of her lines and she looks like Janice from The Muppets. Basically everyone stunk up the room. Bad.

“In 7 seasons of doing drag race, I’ve never seen a car crash like this before,” Ru said. “This is Not. Good.”

At the main runway show, the queens were challenged to be “Bearded and Beautiful” and the guest judges were Mel B and Kat Dennings.

Max’s team won the challenge and Max won overall for the night, taking home two latex couture gowns as a prize.

All of Kennedy’s team was up for elimination, and Ru was really pissed at all the bullshit she was hearing from them about their pitiful performance.

“I don’t want to hear and goddamn excuses,” Ru yelled.

“It was a mess from top to bottom,” Michelle said. “I don’t like messy bottoms.”

Eventually team leader Kennedy and Jasmine Masters lip synced for their lives to Kylie Minogue’s I Was Gonna Cancel. WHAT a shitty song. In the end, Ru decided that Kennedy was the one to stay.

Jasmine Masters, sashay away.

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