RuPaul's Drag Race Recap—Music Video Queens


This week on Rupaul's Drag Race, the girls were split into three teams and challenged to write their own parody lyrics to one of Ru’s songs as well as shoot a music video to go with it. And let’s be serious—none of these bitches can work well together.

Katya, Pearl, Trixie and Miss Fame got Ru’s song “Dance With You,” and immediately began fighting over their parody concept. They finally settled on “Tan With You” after Pearl and Fame had, ahem, creative differences.

Max, Violet and Jaidynn got “Sissy That Walk” and had a hard time coming up with a concept because old lady Max didn't want to do anything raunchy. Girl, you’re on the wrong show.

Ginger, Kasha, Kennedy and Kandy were on the third team and got “Let The Music Play” which they turned into a parody about Ru’s career. Careful ladies.

After all three teams had a rough time in the recording studio, they proceeded to have equally as hard a time shooting the video.

Max’s team had the burden of having to act like Courtney Act, Adore Delano, and Bianca Del Rio who starred in the original “Sissy That Walk” Video. Jaidynn and Violet pulled it off really well, but Max’s version of Courtney was a disaster…complete with horrific Australian accent.

For the final runway, the queens had to dress in head to toe green. No one really stood out good or bad, so the judging was mostly based on the music videos.

In the end, Pearl was sent to the bottom two because she’s so f*cking boring!

“Are you a stoner, girl?” Michelle Visage asked. “Cuz that’s the vibe I get.”

Then Trixie was chosen for the bottom two, mainly for being too reserved. Ru told the panel of judges that Trixie’s audition video was one of the funniest she had ever seen, but none of that funny made it’s way to the completion.

In the end, the two queen lip synced for their liiiiiives. Both performances sucked, but Pearl's sucked a little less and Trixie was sent home. You’ve got to bring you’re a-game to every single challenge in this completion because them queens are ruthless!

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