RuPauls Drag Race Recap—They Put The 'Snatch' In Snatch Game!

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It’s Snaaaaatch Gaaaaame bitchessssss!!!! Finally, the single most favorite episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race every single season is here, where the girls portray a specific celebrity and answer hilarious fill in the blank questions as that character. How could this not be good?!

Shit started off rocky when several of the queens didn’t know what character they wanted to portray for the game. On the flip side, Violet and Miss Fame had the opposite problem when they both wanted to be Donatella Versace!

When things got awkward, Fame bowed out and gave the character to Violet, but then Mama Ru walked in and stirred the damn pot big time! Not only did Fame decide to take back her original charter regardless of what Violet was doing, but then Violet changed her character to Alyssa Edwards after Ru wasn’t impressed with her Italian accent!

Kennedy was also having issues because she wanted to do Little Richard, but all the other queens gave her grief because Little Richard is a man…sort of.

By the time they played the game, the cast of characters was:

Max- Sharon Needles

Jaidynn- Raven Symone

Katya- Suze Orman

Violet- Alyssa Edwards

Pearl- Big Ang

Fame- Donatella Versace

Kennedy- Little Richard

Ginger- Adele

Katya, Ginger, Kennedy, and Pearl KILL IT with their characters, especially Ginger as Adele. Funniest shit we’ve seen in a loooong time on this show. Katya kicked ass too, but after the game was over, she was overcome with feelings of doubt and insecurity. She confided in Miss Fame, seeing as how both of them have been sober for quite some time.

“I’m so terrified of failure and my sense of humor has been like a smoke screen for that,” Katya cried. “I didn’t realize how badly I’ve never been able to love myself.”

“There’s a lot that I’m relating to Katya with on an emotional level,” Fame confessed. “So to connect and let go of the fears that we’re holding on to makes me feel stronger.”

At the final runway show, the theme is Leather and Lace and the celebrity guest judge is Tamar Braxton. All the girls had their outfits on point, except Jaidynn of course. That girls is such a hot mess and she’s not getting better form week to week, which is annoying.

For the first time in Snach Game history, there are two winners—Ginger Minj and Kennedy Davenport! Deservedly so because both those girls really took risks and went outside of their comfort zones with some really challenging characters.

Jaidynn is in the bottom two (woohoo!) with Max. Max stumbled this week as Sharon Needles, but overall is a far more talented and artistic queen. Ru didn’t see it that way though, because after the lip sync she sent Max home. However, at the end of the show Ru shocked everyone by saying that she thinks she made a mistake sending one of the queens home in past weeks…but she doesn’t say who it is!!! Somebody’s coming back next week, so let’s all keep our tucks tight and hope it’s someone decent!!!

Which Snatch Game character was your favorite on this week’s episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race?


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