RuPaul's Drag Race—And The DESPY Goes To...

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Get ready dolls, because this week on Rupaul’s Drag Race it’s The DESPY Awards, whatever that stands for.

The girls were challenged to be both presenters and nominees at a glitzy awards show, writing funny banter and taking jabs at the other queens. And if they won, they had to have a hilarious acceptance speech prepared.

The categories were “Sexy, Sexy Drag Queen,” “Most Busted Drag Queen,” “The Shadiest Queen,” and “The Meatiest Tuck.”

The girls were put in teams of two and they quickly started attempting to write comedy. Fame and Violet got paired together, which immediately spelled disaster. But the team that RuPaul was the most worried about was Max and Pearl…because Pearl has the personality of a goddamn clam.

Ru called out Pearl for not having much of a personality, and that bitch gave Ru some major attitude. Mama Ru was not having it and let Pearl know that she was on thin ice.

Here’s the thing—Some of these queens are OLD and have been trying to make it for years. So when you say fuck it and act like you don’t care to be there, it’s going to piss people off.

While the teams were getting their acts together, we learned some extremely strange shit about Miss Fame. The girls was raised on a farm and has a disturbing obsession with chickens. Like for real.

“When I was a kid I used to go out side and sing random songs to my chickens.”

“You can blow dry them and use Vitamin E on their feet.”

“Liquid bluing makes a white chicken sparkle.”

“I hatched chickens underneath my bed in an incubator.”

The bitch even has a chicken tattoo on her arm. What the FUCK is going on here?!

The queens work it out for the awards, and amazingly Max and Pearl are the best and they actually won the challenge. How that happened, nobody knows.

Mrs. Kasha Davis and Kandy Ho were in the bottom two. They lip synced for their lives to Teena Marie’s Lovergirl, and in the end Ru decided that Kasha had to sashay away. WHAT?! Usually the lip syncs are cut and dry, but for the first time in forever Ru might have made the wrong choice.

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