RuPauls Drag Race—Nothin' Like A Little 'Divine' Intervention

What do you get when you mix John Waters and an episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race?? Gagtastic musical versions of the some of the most famous 'Divine' scenes from his films, that’s all!

The queens had to split themselves into three teams to tackle the musical numbers, so of course the bffs sort of gravitated to each other. That left Pearl, Violet, and Fame standing there with their dicks in their hands so they had to come together to form the only really shitty team.

Katya and Kennedy filmed their scene first, titled ‘Cha Cha Heels’ and killed it. They were funny as hell, and even though Kennedy struggled a bit with the lyrics, they pilled it off.

Next was Trixie and Ginger doing a scene titled ‘Eggs,’ though it should’ve been titled ‘Fat Grown Up Baby In A Playpen.’ That shit was weird. Ginger knocks it out of the park as the grown up baby (?!), leaving Trixie looking a bit lame. She wasn’t terrible, but it’s hard to hold a candle to Ginger when she’s on point.

Lastly was Pearl, Violet, and Miss Fame doing a scene titled ‘Poo.’ And that’s exactly what it was…complete shit. Violet was soooomewhat decent, but Pearl and Fame were beyond terrible. They played the angel and the devil, fighting with Violet who wanted to play with the poo. Classic John Waters, amirite?

Fame overacted, as is her way, and Pearl kept f*cking up her lines.

“It was hard to jump in with my lines when the bitch before me didn’t say her lines.” Really bitch? Try again.

When it came time for the runway show, John Waters and Demi Lovato were the guest judges. The theme was ‘Ugliest Dress,’ and that’s exactly what the queens brought. Damn were those dresses hideous!

When it came time to judge the scenes, all of the judges and especially John Waters loooved Ginger’s character and she won the challenge. That makes her the first one this season to win 3 challenges. Go girl!

You will be verrrrry unsurprised to learn that Snooze Button Pearl and Fame were in the bottom two. They lip synced to Demi Lovato’s I Really Don’t Care…and we really didn’t care. That lip sync is going down as the most boring lip sync of all time. Seriously, the judges barely clapped. In face, Michelle Visage didn’t!

In the end, Miss Fame went home. Sorry not sorry.

What did you think of this week’s Rupaul’s Drag Race?Did the right queen go home?

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