RuPaul's Drag Race—We're All Born Naked & The Rest Is Drag

This season of Rupaul’s Drag Race FLEW by! We’re already down to the final 4 queens and when the stakes get high the claws come out!

This week the girls had to learn choreography for Ru’s new music video “Born Naked” and they also had an acting challenge where they each had to portray 3 different characters.

Things got pretty catty even before the challenge began. As the girls were getting ready in the workroom, Ginger became annoyed with Violet and had no problem letting her know.

“Girl get over yourself, cuz I've been over you since the moment you walked in," Ginger told her.

That little spat might have been enough to rattle Violet because when it came time to do the music video, she couldn’t remember a damn step.

“I’m trying so hard that I forgot I’m supposed to do choreography,” Violet laughs. “Whooopsies!” Uh, yeah whoopsies girl. Get your wig on straight!

Speaking of wigs, was there some glue sabotage in the work room or something?! Both Ginger and Pearl had trouble keeping their wigs on while dancing in front of the wind machine. Not a cute look. And when it came to the acting challenge, everyone stunk up the room except Ginger.

When the girls were back in the workroom preparing for the final runway show, the claws came out and once again it was Ginger and Kennedy vs. Violet and Pearl.

“It’s the very last time that we’re entering the workroom and at this point in the competition we’re pretty much evenly divided right down the middle,” Ginger says. “On one end of the room you have Violet and Pearl, the ‘pretty girls,’ and on the other end of the room you’ve got Kennedy and myself representing the bitter old lady brigade.”

Then without skipping a beat, Kennedy and Ginger jumped down Violet’s throat about not being old enough or mature enough to be the next drag superstar. I think the real problem here is that Ginger and Kennedy are old school drag and they don’t like nor do they get modern drag.

Instead of snapping back, Violet actually sat there quietly took their criticism. That’s pretty mature, right? I can’t think of another queen who would’ve sat there and taken that shit.

All the queens rocked the runway challenge, because we are in the final 4. Nobody really sucked at all. But because Ru was narrowing it down to the 3 queens that are going to the finale, EVERYONE had to lip sync for their lives!

In the end, Ru decided to send Kennedy home. This was kind of shocking seeing as how she rocked the music video challenge and the lip sync, but Ru had to take in to consideration the entire season and who was ready to be the next drag superstar. Apparently that wasn’t Kennedy.

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