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Rupert Grint finally admits to being Ed Sheeran, just like we all knew all along

The Lego House of cards finally falls down

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Since Ed Sheeran rose to prominence, people have been comparing the singer-songwriter's look to that of Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint (who played Ron Weasley in the popular film series).

Now, Rupert Grint has finally taken off the mask he's worn since the end of the Potter movies and admitted that he is Ed Sheeran in a very funny video for MTV After Hours With Josh Horowitz.

Horowitz announces his guest, "the great Ed Sheeran" who comes out with his signature black-tape-X-guitar (though Sheeran actually plays a Little Martin 3/4 size guitar). Sheeran then takes a few deep breaths before announcing "I can't do this. I want to say something. The truth is... Ed isn't real."

The shocked audience reacts as Ed Sheeran takes off his sleeve tattoos and passes off his guitar, revealing that he is Rupert Grint after all. Grint admits that "After Potter," he just wanted to stretch his talents and "create some real magic, so I created a character with the voice of an angel."

Grint hasn't lost a step from his Weasley days. His admission (of actually being Ed Sheeran after all this time) is hilarious. "I didn't expect everyone to think he was real! He become my greatest activity and the bane of my existence." Sheeran's fans look distraught as Grint goes on with his big reveal. "I hate cats... All of them. Mine, Taylor's. I'm allergic to them."

[Editor's note: I'm rolling on the floor laughing at this.]

At this point, Josh Horowitz can take no more. A fan shrieks in agony, and Horowitz confronts Grint/Sheeran: "WE NEED BOTH OF YOU, DAMNIT. WE NEED RUPERT AND HIS ICE CREAM TRUCK BUT WE ALSO NEED ED AND HIS SOULFUL BALLADS! THINK OF ME, THINK OF THEM!"

Grint breathes deep, before accepting his fate: "Give me that damn guitar," then tells the host he's "not Rupert, Ed."

To think, after all this time, Ed Sheeran was just Rupert Grint wearing fake sleeve tattoos. But they're both so amazing.

Here's the video for Sheeran's song "Lego House" which features the Parent Trap-double acting Ed Sheeran/Ruper Grint, or whatever his name is.

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