Musicians and celebrities, as a rule, are not ones to take slights lightly. Too surrounded by sycophants and lackeys, they live their lives in a bubble of reassurance that their ways are right and true. When this bubble gets popped by a bit of uncomfortable criticism, the results can be very ugly indeed.

Which is why it's so refreshing to see Russell Crowe, never a celebrity to be mistaken for a Quaker, brush his shoulder off after Adam Lambert took aim at the singing in Les Miserables on Twitter. Lambert, probably the biggest Broadway fan on the pop charts, disapproved of director Tom Hooper's decision to have the actors in the film sing live, and he let his 1.8 million Twitter followers know:


Of all the cast, it's Crowe who's come under the most fire for his vocal performance in the film, and though Lambert never mentioned him by name, it was widely assumed his remarks were aimed at the film's inexperienced Javert. Because this is Twitter, some fans decided to ask Crowe what he thought of Lambert's criticism. Would this famously pugnacious Aussie strike back in kind?


Crisis averted! Either Russell Crowe is mellowing in middle age, or Adam Lambert is too big a fish in the Broadway musical theater community to be messed with.