There aren’t many things that give viewers more pleasure than seeing a good ol’ fashion feud unfold—and you don't get any better, feud wise, than the centuries old clan war between the Ozark Mountains, Arkansas, Russell and Evans families .

We watched with doe eyes as Omar went after Avon and his crew. We all rooted for Rob as Joffrey settled into the Iron Throne (sniff sniff). But the Discovery Channel is on to something that even those HBO greats couldn’t capture.  They’ve got backwoods country, heavy drawls, and high quality cameras. That means the network is now armed with all the right ingredients to deliver the funniest, creepiest, most outlandish, best reality show to come our way in a long while. It’s called Clash of the Ozarks, and Popdust has sneak peek video.

What would you guess you’d find if you ever made it into the Ozark Mountains of northern Arkansas? Yea….I think I know what you’re thinking, and apparently so do the producers of Clash of the Ozarks.

Somewhere within this sprawling country of ours, down in good ol’ Arkansas, tucked away in the mountains, the little town of Hardy is thriving. It’s like a Sarah Palin wet dream, you know, a good place for ‘real Americans’ (her words, not mine) to raise a family. It’s got fishing, hunting, churches, you know, the works. But if you bother to scratch beneath the surface, the town’s more turbulent history starts to shine through.

Apparently that ‘old-timey’ vibe doesn’t come without consequences.

Hardy’s got a real “Wild West” kind of quality, and that means it doesn’t handle conflicts like us pansies up North do. Hardy townsmen like to take matters into their own hands; pushing any law-abiding instincts that may arise deep down to protect what is ‘rightfully’ theirs.

Just like Shakespeare’s Verona, Hardy is host to its own long-standing family feud (but this one, unfortunately, doesn’t seem so sexy). This clan war is between the Russell and the Evans families, and it started over 100 years ago at a town dance.

The age old story is that a member of the Evans’ family started a fight that resulted in three deaths. There’s been bad blood ever since. So bad in fact, that everyone in town has been pulled into the drama. It’s either pick a side, or….well, pick a side.

Our two main characters, (ahem, patriarchs), are Crowbar, of the Russell family, and Kerry, of the Evans’ clan.

I know, Crowbar? What? But just bear with me here, it seems like no one really knows where the nickname comes from. What we do know is, that the Russells are not a family to f*** with. They moved to Hardy way back when to avoid being drafted into the Civil War, and have made a real go of it ever since. They married into the Cherokee nation, own hundreds of acres of land, and know how to work it too. It does seem like the family walks a fine line between breaking the law and working hard, but there’s always some crossover…right?

However you want to pin them, one thing is for sure. Crowbar is not a guy open to change. He wants to work, hunt, go to church, and live like his family has been living for years – and he's is ready to fight anyone threatening to interrupt that routine.

Starting to see where this is going? Yup, you guessed it…now let's welcome the Evans' family history into the mix...

Kerry Wayne Evans and his family also have a history in Hardy. They’ve been here since 1850 (six generations!). But unlike the Russells' wealth and good fortune, the Evans have struggled to make ends meet. Kerry grew up in a tiny one-room house and worked hard to survive by living off the land. Kerry operates under a vigilante-inspired philosophy, so-to-speak. What that really means is that he thinks people should man-up, deal with their problems on their own, and leave the authorities out of it. Not a bad way of doing things, but also not the best way to avoid being beaten, stabbed, and arrested (yea, he’s a real badass).

Like many guys who grew up poor, Kerry’s kind of into money. And like many guys who are into money, he wants to see his town progressing. What usually follows progress? Change. And guess who’s not so into that plan…

So, like a sick fly on the wall, we'll eventually get to see this backwoods drama go down. And, while we’re at it we may as well see all the quirks this little town can offer us.

We’ll certainly laugh, maybe we’ll cry (a stretch, I know), we'll definitely yell things at our T.V. screens, and above all, get totally addicted to the drama.

Clash of the Ozarks premieres Tuesday, February 25, at 10PM ET/PT on Discovery Channel.