Like Simon Cowell before him, Ryan Seacrest might be leaving his comfy American Idol post to create a new music competition show. The New York Post initially reported that Seacrest has a production deal with NBC for a new reality show, one which will most likely rival his current employer—yet be new and different! "It is self-contained episodes. It is a bit more fun. It's not contestant competitive. It's artist competitive," said Paul Telegdy, the network's head of alternative programming. Seacrest's contract with Idol's parent production company CKX is up in 2012, and currently prevents him from appearing on any other programs until then. Telegdy was quick to remind The Post that programs like this can take roughly 12 months to two years to come to fruition—something all of those X Factor rumors have certainly proven to be true.

Sure, you see him nightly on E! News and twice a week on Idol, but are you fully aware of how ubiquitous Seacrest actually is? Along with producing four Kardashian-related programs, as well as a second season of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, Seacrest's production company has a deal to create eight—eight!—shows with NBC, and a "first look" program with its new parent company Comcast. Joining the Peacock would be a big move for Seacrest and the network itself, who struck gold last week with the debut of The Voice. But how will this still untitled project be any different? (Those revolutionary swivel chairs have already been taken, so does that mean future contestants will be singing amidst rings of fire?)

Now that Seacrest is in the process of conquering all aspects of television, that leaves fragrances, a fast food chain, and if we're lucky, a series of schools for underprivileged children. But is the world really in need of more? What about these music competition shows? Don't you miss the days when emerging artists were discovered the old-fashioned way? (You know, like by having their parents drop $2,000-4,000 for a production deal.)