Sacha Baron Cohen Strikes Again, Mocking Obese Women In New Film

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Sacha Baron-Cohen, aka Borat and Ali G, is raising the ire of a whole town by depicting it's residents as revolting fat slobs.

His film Grimsby, named after the town in Lincolnshire, is a satire of World-Cup soccer and hooliganism, and depicts the town as a filthy, graffiti-covered slum.

Residents of Grimsby are particularly offended by the filmmaker's recruitment of six women weighing nearly 300 pounds each, for scenes of 'binge-eating, copious vomiting and naked wobbling across a football pitch,' according to film extra Maurice Maree.

Grimsby MP Austin Mitchell, however, said that it was time to pick on another town:

I'm fed up with these film caricatures of life in Grimsby. I've never seen these 20-stone plus fans at matches. One has to ask how anyone that size would get through the turnstiles.

Alan Rutherford, 50, who works in a fish smokehouse, said:

It's a myth that everyone here is obese and misbehaves. People just like to pick on Grimsby. It's a disgrace – leave us alone.

On the other hand, Cohen's overweight girlfriend is played by actress Rebel Wilson, who evidently doesn't feel that obesity is being unfairly ridiculed. The movie features cameos by A-list stars including Penelope Cruz and Daniel Radcliffe, who likewise found the project to be all in good fun.

In the end, we all expect a film by Sacha Baron Cohen to be riotously offensive to nearly everyone, fat and thin alike. It seems like a sure bet that soccer fans will bear the brunt of the satire, but let's withhold judgement until the film is released in September.

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