Not like we'd know here at Popdust, but being famous probably opens all sorts of doors to you that you previously thought to be closed, to countless opportunities financial and personal. If you had a celebrity crush before that seemed utterly unrealistic, it's not quite so ridiculous anymore, because it's not a celebrity crush anymore—once you're a celebrity too, it's just a regular ol' crush.

In Lena Dunham's first year of true celebrity, perhaps she pushed against the boundaries of her newfound fame a little bit when it came to a certain super-popular rapper/singer. In an article for Vanity Fair, the auteur behind HBO's Girls wrote the following as one of "12 Things I Learned in 2012":

3. Drake is not interested in you romantically or even sexually. :(

Awww.Not even sexually? We'd probably pay a good $19.95 to find out just how Lena specifically knows that fact to be the case—and maybe we'll have to, since that might be a great anecdote to sell her upcoming book with.