"Safe House" Knows The Power Of The Throne

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Since January films usually suck, it's important for movie marketing teams to craft their three minutes of requisite trailer time wisely. Specifically, with some kind of undeniable soundtrack that will succeed in making in even the biggest pieces of cinema garbage into compelling artistic creations that lure bodies into the seats of multiplexes. The trailer for the action flick Safe House has been flooding our television screens of late, in anticipation of its February 10 release. Explosions and CIA jargon abound, with a bearded Denzel Washington's typical badassery on full display. From the explosions and Ryan Reynolds panic-stricken looks of inferiority, we know Washington's agent gone rogue is a bad, bad man. But when the sputtering bass lines of "No Church in the Wild," off last year's Watch The Throne, come in, no one can tell us otherwise. We won't know until we see it ourselves—in theaters? On a place? OnDemand?—but the unapologetic music of Jay & Ye helps to further what we assume is Denzel's driven, morally corrupt and potentially masochistic character, making us all the more likely to sit through 120 minutes of violence for 4:33 of musical glory. Please don't save this one for the credits. And we're not alone:

No yet released as a single, "No Church in the Wild" has also benefited from the massive exposure film trailers and their heavy television rotation has given it, climbing to No. 61 on the iTunes singles chart this week. And with that, your continued nonstop listening of The Throne is once again justified. Watch below.

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