San Francisco Tour Guide Goes On Racist Chinatown Rant On Last Day Of Work

I think it's safe to say that we’ve all worked jobs where we found ourselves on the last day wanting to be a little vocal about the issues we faced during our employment.

While most of us decide to hold our tongues until cooler heads prevail though, a San Francisco tour guide decided to throw caution to the wind and let her views about Chinatown be known—in a no uncertain, racist, way—Popdust has video.

This chick does NOT hold back—and we kind of feel it’s just got to be a hoax video, or some kind of marketing stunt, although if the latter is the case, we have no idea who it could be for, or why.

At time of posting however, it seems to be the general consensus it’s a genuine video—and maybe, just maybe, that beer she appears to be waving about in her hand might go some way to explaining, although not excusing, her tirade.

So much for liberal, old PC San Fran.....






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