Sarah Silverman Lives Out Her Broadway Dreams On SiriusXM

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True theater buffs aren't able to hide their love of ensemble dance numbers and doomed female leads for long, as seen when Sarah Silverman stopped by SiriusXM's "Seth Speaks," from the looks of it, a radio show where celebrities hang out and sing showtunes. Where's our invite? All it takes are a few notes of "On My Own" from host Seth Rudetsky's piano for Silverman to launch into her own rendition of the Les Misérables signature track with not-so-surprising accuracy. "I can't believe I know this!" she exclaims. Of course you know this! Every 12-year-old girl (and possibly boy) has sung this in the living room! Rudetsky also coaxed her into songs from Annie, Company and Man of La Mancha, which opened the door for Silverman family story time, including clues as to where her potty mouth came from. While her lyrical knowledge remains keen, she could use a refresher or two on these musicals' plots. "What happened? Was she raped?" Silverman asked of Annie, the story of a precocious red-headed orphan and her unlikely bald benefactor. "I don't remember the play." Fair enough. Still, musical theater continues to reveal its surprisingly vast reach. Watch below.


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