Hey The Wanted, a neutron walks into the bar and orders a drink. When the bartender brings it over, the neutron asks how much the drink is. The bartender answers: "For you? No charge!"

Hahahahahah. No? Nothing? OK, I guess there really is no way to get you to smile for your album covers. In stark contrast to those goofballs in One Direction, whose smiles are so wide on the cover to debut album Up All Night that you think they'd just gotten done their second-straight viewing of Saving Silverman on Comedy Central, The Wanted absolutely will not break for the recently leaked cover photo for the U.S. release of their self-titled debut album. Not only that, but the photo is in a grainy black-and-white, looking closer to an old-west Wanted! poster than a UK boy band Wanted album cover.

Look, The Wanted, we know you guys are a little older and more mature than your average boy band. But check out how another boy-ish band of 32 years prior executed a similar cover concept back in the day without seeming so damn glum about the whole thing:

See? Not all smiles, but not straight super-seriousness either. And all that debut album did was spend five weeks on top the charts and sell a million in about a month. You guys should be so lucky.