If it's a bit surprising to us that Chris Martin is waffling on Coldplay's latest album title, it's because Mylo Xyloto doesn't seem like the kind of title you debate being a good idea or not—either it makes total sense to you and you think it's absolutely brilliant, or you don't get it at all and think it's absolutely ridiculous. (Or you're on heavy drugs, which we doubt for Martin, who likely hasn't ingested anything more scandalous than a particularly strong cup of Earl Grey tea since 2000.) But sure enough, Martin is having regrets about his nonsensical title about a half-year after album's release, calling it "two words that you couldn't even Google." He elaborated on the subject to Good Morning America:

It's just something that we thought looked really good but everywhere we go around the world people pronounce it in the most crazy ways and we're beginning to regret it now.

Seems a little late for us to start with the second-guessing, Chris—especially after all the effort we put into figuring out just what the damn title meant. Either be super-pretentious or don't be, Mr. Paltrow, but half-assing it just makes you look wishy-washy. You don't see Billy Corgan apologizing for any of his titling atrocities.

[Oh No They Didn't!]