We always looked at 'N Sync like one of those couples that have been together, on-and-off, since elementary school—yeah, they might break up for a while, but you just know they're always gonna end up back in each others' arms eventually. Well, it's been almost a decade now that 'N Sync have parted ways, and while they've gone on to pursue their own solo pursuits—Justin Timberlake becoming an international pop megastar, Joey Fatone becoming a decently successful actor on stage and screen, Chris Kirkpatrick becoming a walking punchline—we still kept the faith that they'd be back together soon enough.

Now, it's getting harder to be so confident. A TMZ paparazzo caught up with Syncer JC Chasez outside an airport recently, and barraged the America's Best Dance Crew judge about the potential for an 'N Sync reunion. Chasez's response was resoundingly negative, shaking his head before the question was even out. "Nah, nah, nah, nah." JC insisted. "We're all done with that." "COMPLETELY done?" asked the incredulous reporter. "Completely done," confirmed JC.

Is this really the final nail in the 'N Sync comeback coffin, or just a harried semi-celebrity trying to shrug off an irritating questioner? Watch below and conclude what you will, but we're going the Steve Perry route on this one. The boys can't fight destiny forever.

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