These last few days, all the non-Mac Lethal-related buzz has been about Nicki Minaj's new song "Roman in Moscow," which returns the titular male alter ego of Minaj's. With the song finally (as in, about 24 hours after being announced) premiering yesterday, now the discussion turns to the song's upcoming video, which Nicki says will be filmed "real soon." The rapper divulged the deets to MTV News about the plot of the video, and what Roman was doing in the Russian capital:

Well, he was there [in Moscow] secretly because [alter ego] Martha wanted him to go there, so they put him in this thing with monks and nuns; they were trying to rehabilitate him...But I can’t tell exactly what happened, you’ll just see it in the video format, but let’s just say he got out of there.

Well, then, move over Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol—it appears that a far superior action flick awaits us. (Probably has just as many cool masks, too.)

By the way, Nicki also says that "Roman in Moscow" is "the wackest thing on Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded." Adjust your already-unreasonably-high expectations accordingly.