7 Creepy Short Stories Available Online to F*ck You Up

Because we're all dying in slow motion. Happy Halloween.

Blessed be, b*tches!

It's Halloween, also known as Samhain, when harvest season ends and the darkest half of the year begins, thinning the barrier between our Kafka-esque, Black Mirror world and the carnivalesque supernatural world where Stephen King must spend most of his time. To be honest, this list began as a sweet throwback to some of the short fiction from our middle school English textbooks that spooked and delighted our tiny, hormonal brains. But because everything on Halloween has a disturbed mind of its own, it became a list of dangerously talented horror writers who tap into our overwhelming, buried fears for our own humanity in the face of society's collapse. Some are short short stories and some are works of nightmare fiction that you can't stop reading.

Enjoy your commute home this evening (or your very extended bathroom break) with these haunting reads.

"The Landlady" by Roald Dahl (1959)

This is short and innocently creepy.

"The Landlady" is a simple account of a traveler who finds lodging at a boarding house run by a sweet elderly woman who invites him to tea. What's the worst that could happen?