The political ideologies and opinions of a ten-year-old aren't often taken as seriously as they should be, but a YouTube user, alias "Sceneable," is one that you should listen to.

Sceneable's YouTube "About" section reveals that he once had lofty goals:

This is my account!My name is Dylan.And I`m a ga* dork.Who makes video of Minecraft [because,that`s going to give me a good reputation]reactions,animations,JUICY drama and random videos!YAY!Lets reach 20 subscribers!

We're way past that now. Dylan's account has over 3,000 subscribers and is growing. The above video, titled "I'm Communist," has been making the viral rounds on Facebook after being shared by Jacobin. He gives a "very good disclaimer," that he does not support Josef Stalin or Mikhail Gorbachev (I won't even try to spell his adorable mispronunciation), but he does support communism and "the idea of a nation sharing the wealth."

Of course, he's from Canada.

Sceneable is BLOWING UP on "Socialist Twitter" and Reddit already. It's only a matter of time before the whole world sees the video.

This is one of his more recent video blog entries, titled "We Need Communism."

Note the way he keeps looking over his shoulder, like he's worried a drone is about to come take him down for his political leanings. Good little commie!

Let's be real: Sceneable is a kid with a lot to learn, but he's making concise, clear arguments backed up by facts. He's better at political messaging than the Democratic party, and I'd honestly rather watch these videos than see Tammy Lasagna spew hate off a teleprompter.

In all likelihood, there will be some dank "Sceneable memes" coming soon, but let's not forget that this kid is woke and will probably be leading a proletarian revolution when he's in college.