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Scheisse! The New Lady Gaga Song Is Here

At high noon, a remix of a Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" debuted on designer Thierry Mugler's website after premiering at his Paris Fashion week show on Wednesday night. The bootleg version that appeared online following the catwalk presentation had the aural quality of a Sebadoh outtake, so it's nice to now have a sanctioned release. The promotional Mugler video, featuring the remix, can be viewed here:

Caveat: The album version—meaning on the one with a melody and hooks—has not yet been released. What you hear above is definitely a remix. Think amyl-nitrates-in-a-cavernous-bridge-and-tunnel-club-at-3:30-in-the-morning remix. Mostly, it's all dance-music filters, looped vocal snippets and a very Euro thump. The Jersey Shore kids will love it. Still, there are some Gaga-like aspects to the song that keep us interested.

The lyrics are mostly in German. But Gaga sings it in a French accent. Very Vichy regime. Towards the end, when the song finally delivers something close to the explosive hooks Gaga's known for, she sings "I'll take you out tonight, do whatever you like, scheiße be mine." That explains the "scheiße" tweets as of late and it's certainly within Gaga's culture-jamming schtick to sneak the word "shit" into what will inevitably be a hit.


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