The 2013 Grammy nominations were announced last night, giving Taylor Swift and LL Cool J reason to say "Frank Ocean" and "fun." an awful lot, but failing to justify their decision to beatbox on national television. Nope, we're not getting behind this "awkward stunt by strange bedfellows" this time around, CBS. Sorry.

Ocean, fun. and the Black Keys received six nominations each, while Miguel snagged five and Kanye West was nominated for both G.O.O.D. Music outputs and last year's Watch The Throne. And none for Justin Bieber, bye.

Yes, after a banner year in which the newly 18-year-old pushed forward with his more mature sound, vowing to #converthehaters with every use of dubstep or unexpected live acoustic performance, the Canadian's Believe failed to cross the radar of Grammy voters. While the Bieb has stayed quiet since last night, his snub did not go unnoticed by Beliebers or his longtime manager, Scooter Braun:

We tend to agree. If LMFAO can get a nod for "Sexy and I Know It," the committee should be able to throw Bieber some love, especially on an album that experimented with new styles and brought together a notable list of collaborators. But, Scooter also recognizes that this public shade will fuel some future songwriting projects, and at least one Twitter hashtag.

And before you start boycotting February's telecast, here are a few inspirational thoughts to take with you into Dreamland...

It's a tough reality to face, Beliebers, particularly when Bieber told Oprah his ultimate goal is to win a Grammy one day. But getting shut out for another year means his "this is for all the haters" acceptance speech will be that much sweeter come 2014. Until then, he is nominated for a People's Choice Award and would most likely appreciate you taking the time to cast your vote. #GIVEBACK