Scott Disick Out With Three Different Babes in Two Weeks

scott disick dating

In spite of his heartfelt pleas to reunite with Kourtney Kardashian since their split last summer, Scott Disick is still very much on the prowl.

The Lord has been spotted with an impressive three smoking hot babes in two weeks!

Starting with the most recent, Scott dined a sexy brunette on Friday, February 19, at Tosconova, in Calabasas. They were joined by another couple, which, if you do the math, makes it a double date! Right up the street from Kourtney’s house...where she lives with his three kids!

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On Tuesday February 16, Scott prowled in Manhattan…in a man fur no less.

He canoodled with a mystery blonde at Koi in Soho on what was clearly a date. They met up around 10 pm and flirted over raw fish and edamame.  After signing the check, they headed off to ultra exclusive hiptser lounge, Up & Down.

The dad of three reportedly looked pretty effed up. His man fur even had a tear on the sleeve, he was unshaven and his hand was all cut up.

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On February 9, Scott was at the same club, with a different girl. This time the mystery babe was a brunette, and according to US Weekly, the two were totes making out at a back table.

"They looked flirty and he was whispering to her all night," the eyewitness says.

Also partying at Up & Down that night were Leonardo DiCaprio, Fetty Wap, and Kylie Jenner, who was “at a separate table, but was being blocked from view by security guards."

Earlier this month, the rehab refugee took to Vegas where he was spotted fist pumping at Jenner's boyfriend, Tyga, at his Sin City club performance.

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The boozy 32 year-old bon vivant fled rehab in November and a source told Us that he “apologized to everyone” for his premature departure.

“It’s part of his treatment. He’s also been going to the rehab center every day and spending a lot of time with his sober companion,” the source said at the time. “He is really committed to this.”

'Cuz everyone knows the best place to get sober is Las Vegas.

scott disick dating


scott disick dating

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