Scott Disick Rumored To Appear On UK Celebrity Big Brother!

scott disick celebrity big brother

Oh please Lord, let the rumors be true!

The UK is awash with speculation about who will be entering the Celebrity Big Brother house in a few weeks time, and the latest name thrown into the mix is Scott Disick, aka The Lord himself!

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Channel 5 have told us so far that the house will be split into UK vs USA, and the allegedly leaked list of the full confirmed line up that is doing the rounds seems to confirm that.

Now if this is true it will be the best news ever.  As we know, Disick has been in free-fall lately and split with his long term love Kourtney Kardashian over his party lifestyle.   It would be fascinating to see him, un-muzzled and out of touch with social media (and the firm hand of the Kardashian PR machine) and to gauge the public reaction to him.  As we saw in the last series with the vile, obnoxious behavior from Perez Hilton, the Great British Public do not tolerate assholes, amusing as they may briefly be, for very long.   Add together the tension caused by the close knit atmosphere of the house, the long periods of boredom with the liberal application of alcohol and Celebrity Big Brother can quickly degenerate into a glorious train-wreck of truly epic proportions.

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As if LD wasn't enough potential drama, the possibility of ever so slightly cuckoo Janice Dickinson in the house is a gift that just keeps on giving.  No stranger to reality shows, she was a surprising runner up when she appeared on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here in 2007.

David Gest also appeared previously on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and didn't actually provide the provocation that was anticipated—he was incredibly amusing and kept the other celebrities in stitches with anecdotes and war stories.   It's unlikely Disick could do anything he hasn't seen before.

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On the UK side, there are the usual Z-list reality wannabes that sometimes unearth a jewel (see ex-housemate, now brilliant presenter Rylan Clark).  The only contestant of real interest would be Eamonn Holmes.

Holmes is a veteran morning news anchor in the UK and has appeared many times on the CBB discussion show spin off Big Brother's Little Brother.

He is a huge fan of the show and has made no secret of the fact he would love to be in the house.  Holmes is pretty outspoken, extremely intelligent and famously intolerant of fools, so it would be interesting to see how he would cope when faced with The Lord in a full drunken rant.

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Channel 5 have not responded to the 'leak', so all we can do is wait, and salivate.


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