Who Knew? Wednesday—10 Unusual Facts About Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ Scott Disick

No milk or underwear for The Lord.

If you're a Keeping Up fan or just a celeb gossip junkie, then Scott Disick is your drug of choice.

OK, maybe in Scott's situation, that's an unfortunate comparison, but you get the idea.

Scott's been a perpetual party boy, drank entirely too much and too often, and nearly ruined his relationship with baby mama times three, Kourtney K. He's trying to change his wild ways, as we've witnessed on TV, and we've certainly seen and learned lots about the fella as the years have passed, but even a Keeping Up… cast member has secrets that don't make it to the small screen.

Here are 10 unusual and interesting facts about "The Lord" that even Kris would be surprised to find out. And she's got her stirring hand in every family member's pot!

Scott Disick unusual facts - 1

The Next George Hamilton?

According to Wetpaint, Scott once developed a tanning product made exclusively for men called Monte Carlo. The product has a cheesy slogan: "It's like liquid sunshine." Granted, hanging out with the perpetually-tanned Kim could make a fella feel pasty.

Scott Disick unusual facts - 2

Don't Got Milk

Scott told Us Weekly that he's lactose intolerant. So much for those fro yo runs with Kourtney. Surely, Scott's milking this gastric deficiency for all it's worth.

Scott Disick unusual facts - 3

Child Criminal

Wetpaint also tells us that the bad boy was arrested twice before he reached age 18. One arrest was for speeding and the other for DUI. Some things never change, but for the sake of those cute kids, let's hope Scott stays out of the clinker moving forward.

Scott Disick unusual facts - 4

Long Hair, Don't Care

We know Scott as the clean-cut, dapper type, but he told Us Weekly that there was a time he had hair down to his shoulders. Kourtney may not have liked it, but some may guess that Caitlyn might.

Scott Disick unusual facts - 5

Free Ballin'

Ever wondered if Scott's a boxers or briefs kinda guy? Don't hold your breath – or perhaps that may be a good idea. When it comes to wearing suits, Scott goes commando beneath, as per an interview with Us Weekly!

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Scott Disick unusual facts - 6

A Show About Nothing

No, not Keeping Up…! This time it's Seinfeld. As per Fame 10, Scott unwinds every night by watching reruns of Seinfeld. Perhaps Scott identifies with the characters' New York mentality or he just needs a good laugh. Now if Jerry watches Keeping Up… that would be more interesting.

Scott Disick unusual facts - 7

One Hour of Beautification

Fame 10 also lets us know that Scott loves to take a long 30-minute showers and spends another 30 moisturizing his skin with a lotion called Crème de la Mer, which costs a whopping $275 a jar! Hey, don't hate him because he's beautiful.

Scott Disick unusual facts - 8

STD Carrier?

Don't freak out Kourtney. This is in name only. According to PPCorn, Scott's high school pals gave him the odd nickname, STD, because of his partying ways. Seems like he's not quite cured yet.

Scott Disick unusual facts - 9

Just Like Fabio

Who knew Scott was once a young-adult book cover model? His mug graced the covers of the Heartland book series as per Café Mom. As a teen, his fresh-faced and handsome look got young girls ready to read the book by its cover!

Scott Disick unusual facts - 10

Restaurant Redemption

Scott once opened a Japanese restaurant called Ryu in NYC's Meatpacking District in 2012, according to Café Mom. The eatery only remained open for a short 191 days, but we expect Scott enjoyed the sake while it lasted.

Are you praising "The Lord" after hearing all this inside info? Hard to Keep Up With, no?

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