Scott Disick’s Tearful Apology To The Kardashians Is Pretty Damn Heartbreaking

scott disick apology kardashians

It’s always been pretty tough to feel anything other than scorn and derision when it comes to professional douche Scott Disick.

But, his tearful apology to the Kardashians is really pretty damn heartbreaking—and seems to show a man genuinely on the verge of a breakdown—you can watch video right here on Popdust.

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It’s been six months since Kourtney Kardashian, his long suffering girlfriend, and mother to his three kids, kicked Disick’s drunken hard-partying womanizing ass to the curb, and he’s finally manning up to his douchey shenanigans.

As previously reported, despite going through the motions of checking into “rehab” the 32-year-old showed no signs of actually being committed to recovery—spiraling out of control, yet further, over the summer, in pretty spectacular fashion.

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Just before splitting from Kourtney, the self-titled, Lord Disick was photographed cozying up to some chick back in June, in a New York hotel room filled with alcohol bottles and prescription drugs.

With the ink still wet from that scandal, he then took his trainwreck on the road—living it up in the preferred party ground of Euro-trash millionaires—Monte Carlo, Monaco. And, sure enough the inevitable damning photos soon emerged, this time of the “drunken mess” getting down and dirty with his ex-girlfriend, Chloe Bartoli.

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And, that was the straw that broke the Kamel’s back, prompting Kourtney to end their 9-year-long relationship, seemingly in the hope it would allow Disick to hit rock bottom and finally sort his shit out for once and for all.

In Disick’s defense, he’s gone through an incredibly traumatic ordeal in the past two years—his mother Bonnie died, following a long illness, back in October 2013, and tragically, his father, Jeffrey, passed away just months later.

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At the time, Scott confessed to “hanging on by a string” as he battled depression, and admitted to feeling extreme anger at losing both his parents at such a young age, and in such quick succession.

So, Scott Disick being Scott Disick, he did what all good addicts do, and attempted to drown all his pain and emotions in a bottle—or a truck load of bottles to be more precise—and, it appears he’s only now managing to come to terms with his feelings and the damage he’s inflicted on those around him.

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Disick attempts to explain his actions, as well as apologize to Kourtney and the rest of the reality TV brutes, in a clip from the upcoming episode of Keeping up With the Kardashians—and, the raw pain he’s clearly feeling is only too evident.

"This is the stuff that I don't understand. You say, 'Oh I don't have a family and I don't have all these things,' and then we give you one, why do you, like, destroy it?" A stony-faced Khloe Kardashian asks, flanked by a stoic Kim and puffy-eyed Kris Jenner.

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"I'm sure you guys have heard a lot of horrible things about me that I should have been honest with, but I was too ashamed I was going to hurt everybody in this family, and not just [Kourtney],” an emotional Disick responds, his voice breaking, teary-eyed behind his sunglasses.

“I’ve apologized to Kourtney a hundred times but I've never apologized to like all of you for letting all of you down and embarrassing you guys. I understand I need to help myself way before I can help her or my kids or whatever, but it's just been a really hard time going from like having all of you guys to having nobody, you know?"

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You can watch the new Keeping up With the Kardashians, Sunday at 9pm E/PT on E!

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