High school has played home to some classic music videos over the years, always making your own educational institution look incredibly boring. Scotty McCreery hopes to join that elusive canon with his new clip "The Trouble With Girls," which features the American Idol winner in what we're led to believe is his natural habitat—or what was, before the spotlight of Fox helped propel him to the top of the Billboard charts. See the 18-year-old make googly eyes at his lab partner, receive secret notes in class and take the pitcher's mound during a baseball game that's probably of less importance than the one he botched the National Anthem for last week. It's nice that Scotty is such a BMOC, but is this what life was like before Idol? McCreery takes us through the kryptonite-like qualities that girls his age possess while singing thoughtfully in abandoned hallway, which is exactly the kind of thing that would get him slushied if this were William McKinley High. Watch below.