Scotty McCreery, you just won the Academy of Country Music's Best New Artist Award! What are you going to do next? Oh, really? College, huh? Well, hopefully these plane tickets to Disney World are refundable. Less than a year after winning the American Idol crown, watching his debut album reach platinum status and lull us to sleep with his deep Southern drawl, the AP reports Scotty McCreery has revealed his acceptance and decision to attend North Carolina State University in Raleigh, where his father is also a graduate. Aha! This explains the strategic move to get people to start calling him "Scott" of late—everybody reinvents themselves in college! McCreery plans to matriculate to the public university in the fall, explaining he'd like to plan his touring and music schedule around his education. The close proximity to his childhood home in Garner, N.C. should help with laundry before hitting the road for any upcoming gigs, and the school's strong athletics program should keep him entertained in between classes—just think twice before letting him on the baseball team.

For someone who's already mastered winning over millions of strangers, what can dusty textbooks and tenured professors teach him? Apparently not much about his craft. "Music I'm learning every day now… from Brad Paisley on the road and different things," he told People. "I think marketing would be a cool way of learning how to stay out there and stay current. And study other things!" Yes, Scotty! Other things! College rules. But if the 18-year-old thinks ladies are problematic in high school, just wait until he experiences the surprises of dorm life. At least "I won American Idol" isn't your typical orientation icebreaker.