Remember Scotty McCreery? I know, it seems decades ago that he defeated Lauren Alaina in the American Idol Season Ten finale, but in reality, it wasn't all that long ago. In fact, he's only just now filming his first-ever music video, for debut single "I Love You This Big." Talking to Access Hollywood recently, Scotty said that the video was "gonna be kind of a nice little chill, summertime BBQ kinda, like a community thing on the 4th of July," and clips from the vid show Scotty performing the song in front of a seated crowd outdoors at night. Simple, low-key, sorta boring—we guess Scotty's saving the million-dollar action sequences and celebrity love interests for video #2.

Scotty also talked on a number of other topics, continuing to deny the Lauren Alaina rumors ("Just good friends"), admitting that he never officially quit his old fast-food job ("I still gotta call up manager Terry and tell him I probably won't be coming back to work anytime soon") and assessing his own heartthrob status ("I still think Justin Bieber tops me. He's got that title.") Smart to not even try to compete, Scotty—those Canadians play dirty.