Daniel Powter's "Bad Day." Daughtry's "Home." Now Scotty McCreery will join the proud canon of artists who a large percentage of American Idol contestants will forever associate with one of the most devastating and disappointing moments of their lives. His cover of Tim McGraw's "Please Remember Me" is now to be the new song played over contestant montages, after news of that contestant's elimination from the show has been delivered by Ryan Seacrest. "I was ecstatic and I'm glad to get to be on there. It's cool to still be connected to the show every week," McCreery said to USA Today. "Most likely, I'll be able to come back and perform and get to see all those familiar faces and give the current Idols some advice."

All well and good, Scotty, but just know, when the sound of your voice over a radio station at the 7/11 sends one of these eliminated contestants into a nervous breakdown 10-15 years from now, their anguish (and ensuing therapy bills) will have to be on your conscience. We can live with that if you can, suppose.