Scotty McCreery's Album "Clear As Day" Will Be Released Oct. 4, Is Definitely Country

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Scotty McCreery's video for "I Love You This Big" arrived amid a spree of Idol videos. But he was the guy who won! You'd think that deserves some unburied news. Well, here's some: his album Clear as Day, produced by Nashville vet Alex Bright, will be released October 4, according to an announcement on his website.

What else do we know about the album from this announcement? Well, uh. It's traditional yet contemporary! It has some ballads and some uptempo numbers! It's "definitely country"! You can order swag to go with it! Shockers all. Scotty does reveal that he's not really a songwriter yet in his weirdly charming announcement. To be fair, the kid is under 18 and his voice is not, which presents an obvious problem for writing your own songs. And remember, this is the rushed Idol album that every winner gets. It's just logistically easier that way. Excerpt:

We tried to pick songs that related to me, but also songs that others would feel and relate to. That is the main goal: to make an album that you like. We focused on making the best music possible. I can’t wait for you to hear it and let me know what you think. I’m really proud of it and so grateful to have the opportunity to record an album before my 18th birthday.

And thus everyone said aww, from now until October.

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