After suffering a near-fatal jet ski accident over Memorial Day, Sean Kingston is letting fans know he's on his way to recovery through a series of television interviews. The 21-year-old described when his jet ski crashed into a bridge near his Miami home, on Today Thursday morning. Knocked unconscious, Kingston benefited from the help of nearby off-duty Coast Guard officer Jonathan Rivera, whom he met for the first time during the interview (leave it to television to bring people together). “I want to thank you man. I love you, my brother," he told Rivera. Kingston went on to explain the complications he suffered after the accident, including a blood fusion around his heart and a torn aorta, which led to emergency open-heart surgery. "He tried to die a couple times on us, but we just refused to let him die," a Miami doctor told Today. After two total surgeries and a month-long hospital stay, Kingston is now working on rehabilitation. He made his first live appearance on stage since the accident to perform with Nicki Minaj on the Femme Fatale tour in July. He also hopes to begin recording new music as early as next week, and hopes to schedule several live performances, the first of which being on Today. "I feel blessed to overcome a tragic situation. For me to still be here, it's only God's work," he explained. "I think my work is not done, I think it wasn't my time yet."

But when discussing a life-threatening injury, there's always room for a Justin Bieber joke! Kingston talked about his recent day out with Bieber. The two friends went for a cruise down Miami's Ocean Drive in Kingston's Rolls Royce, igniting a frenzy among fans on the city's popular main drag. Throughout it all, Kingston laughed that The Bieb, who happened to be driving the car, could "barely see over the steering wheel." No need to worry about the state of his sense of humor.

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