#BoycottDWTS: Why the Hell Is Sean Spicer on "Dancing with the Stars?"

Boycott Dancing with the Stars. Cancel ABC. F*ck Sean Spicer.

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When Dancing with the Stars revealed their 2019 cast on Good Morning America, we couldn't wait to see which stars were going to be dancing on TV!

Ooh, it's that girl from The Bachelorette. Wow, so fun!

Is that Meredith from The Office? We love that show!

Wait, what the f*ck, Dancing with the Stars?

This was all fun and games, and then you trot out Sean Spicer? Like, seriously, what the ever-loving f*ck is wrong with you? You thought it was a good idea to put Sean Spicer on your C-List celebrity dance show? Nobody doubts ABC is flailing, but that's low even for you.

Look at your comments, guys. Nobody wants this.

Absolutely nobody.

In all seriousness, why is Hollywood trying to normalize Sean Spicer? Sean Spicer is not a celebrity. He's not some goofy, vapid reality TV villain. He is a disgraced ex-US press secretary who knowingly lied to the American people from his first day in office, onwards. Sean Spicer directly contributed to the degradation of public faith in America's government. He was a propagandist for a white nationalist agenda. It's time to stop treating him like a silly character.

This is a man who defended Hitler from an official position as the Whitehouse's mouthpiece, for G-d's sake. Sean Spicer should be held accountable for his words and actions. Sean Spicer deserves to be tried at The Hague. At the very least, the media should deal with him like this:

Sean Spicer on Donald Trump and the White House - BBC Newsnight

Just look at Emily Maitlis absolutely savaging this piece of trash on BBC. Watch as Spicer chokes and stumbles over his lies and sidesteps as she holds him to task. This is how Spicer should be treated everywhere he goes for the rest of his life.

Instead, Hollywood features him as a funny joke at the Emmy's. Behavior like this normalizes Spicer's actions. It shows that someone can sow discord amongst the very fabric of our nation and still be treated with kiddie gloves in the public eye. This is a travesty. Would People just as readily celebrate Joseph Goebbels if he said he was going to work "really hard" at dancing?

It's time to cut the sh*t, Hollywood. Celebrities can't trash the Trump administration for its crimes one minute and then turn around to offer a safe space for the same people who fueled it. Boycott Dancing with the Stars. Cancel ABC. F*ck Sean Spicer.