Bill O'Reilly just watched "Gangnam Style," and now he is confused. So confused in fact, that he brought a psychiatrist onto his program to explain how it became the most-viewed video on YouTube. Below, a selection of arguments over the merits of "Gangnam Style," which range from comically out-of-touch, to actually insightful, to borderline racist. (They get very close to saying the video is popular because PSY is so inscrutable?!) Oppa O'Reilly style!

Reasons Why "Gangnam Style" Is Popular, According to this Segment on The O'Reilly Factor:

—"He's tapping into the fact that people don't want any meaning."

—Its lyrics are gibberish.

—It doesn't try to convince you of anything.

—"It's like a drug, and that seems to be what most people want right now. Not feeling, not meaning."

—It has a good beat and you can dance to it.

—"It is the son of Facebook. The false face that so many people put on their lives. The lack of insight is reflected in this person's popularity."

—It comes from the Internet, a place where "people want some kind of numbness."

—"Globally, folks want not to be reminded of what they think and feel, but to be conveyed away from it."

—People do not care about deeper feelings like courage, these days, merely "a good beat that buries them in music."

Reasons Why "Gangnam Style" Should Not Be Popular, According to this Segment on The O'Reilly Factor:

—"He's just doing the Pony."

—PSY can't sing,

—His songs don't have words.

—PSY is "a little fat guy from Pyongyang, Seoul, whatever."

—He doesn't look like the dudes named Sy on Long Island.

—It "transports people away from deep thought and deep feeling."

—"It's the same as getting high, in miniature."

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