See The Creepy Cover Of That U2 Album You Didn't Want!

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When U2 and Apple so graciously gave 500 million iPhone users a free album, the cover artwork was held back.

Now, voila!

The black and white shot of U2 drummer Larry Mullen Jr. with his teenage son is the work of photographer Glen Luchford. If you're thinking, 'Ew, why do I want to see a shirtless man hugging the pelvis of his shirtless son?' let Bono explain it for you.

Songs Of Innocence is the most intimate album we've ever made. With this record we were looking for the raw, naked and personal, to strip everything back. If you know the album you'll see the themes in the visual language, how holding on to your own innocence is a lot harder than holding on to someone else's.

Okay, so a photo that looks like a tattooed pedophile embracing his prey is actually about Innocence!

How dare you think otherwise, you ungrateful perverts!


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