One of the good things about not being a famous person is that when your parents get mad at you, no one else has to know, really. You can just work all those spats out on your own, or with the help of a licensed professional, if it gets to that.

Cheryl Cole, as a certifiably famous pop star and reality-show judge (in the UK at least) does not have that luxury. When her dad takes issue with something she does, the whole world has to hear about it. Case in point: Cole's latest song, "Ghetto Baby," (written by Lana Del Rey!) which has caused a rather public family spat, just in time for the holidays!

From Metro:

The Geordie star’s dad Garry is so embarrassed at the raunchy dance moves, sexy struts and naughty innuendos his 29-year-old daughter displays in the sexy ["Ghetto Baby"] video, he’s refusing to watch it.

Cole is seen getting incredibly up-close-and-personal with her boyfriend and backing dancer Tre Holloway in the video for the track.

And although it might be a little too close for comfort for her dad to watch, Cheryl is threatening to plaster the walls of his house with stills of her and Tre’s moves [Ed. note: This part is almost undoubtedly not true] if he keeps avoiding it, according to The Sun.

Now, we don't want to tell Gerry what he can and cannot be offended by, but seriously, the video is not that bad. There are a few body roles, and an outfit with a fair amount of cleavage, and at one point the camera zooms in on Cheryl's ass, but otherwise things are completely PG! Check it out:

See? Completely fine. If we didn't know any better, we'd say there are some deeper issues at work here. Does Gerry secretly have an issue with Lana Del Rey? We bet he does. Middle-aged Geordies have more in common with Brooklyn hipsters than you might think.