Now that she's on her way to having the biggest hit of her career—no small feat for an artist as accomplished as she—Taylor needs a stage on which to perform her well-deserved victory lap. Looks like she'll get one a couple Thursdays from now, as MTV reports that Taylor will perform at the Video Music Awards this September 6th. Taylor will join One Direction, Pink, Green Day, Alicia Keys and likely many more as a performer for the evening, and will of course be playing said recent smash, her Red lead single "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together."

The VMAs performance will be Swifty's first since 2010, and hopefully her best since the year before, where she memorably sang "You Belong With Me" in a performance that started at the 42nd Street F Station and ended outside Radio City Music Hall. Of course, it wasn't nearly as memorable as what happened to Swift later in the evening, when a certain intoxicated gentleman interrupted her acceptance of the Best Female Video Moonman to offer a dissenting opinion—leading to her bummer performance of response song "Innocent" the next year—but it was still a damn good show.

Hopefully she'll be show-stopping enough this time around to make up for the inevitable round of "I'ma let you finish..." jokes on Twitter.