Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift Piss Off Mosque With Skanky Antics

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Selena Gomez got all pornographic at a Mosque in Abu Dhabi when she lifted up 3 inches of her burqa and flashed some flesh, making her a bonafide ankle skank.

Think that's bad? Wait 'til you hear what else she did!

She also smiled....and laughed!

And now the Mosque people are bugging out about how slutty she is-calling her all "disrespectful" and shit.

Gomez and her posse, which included Taylor Swift,  Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Cody Simpson, and Shay Mitchell,  posted their  perverse pics this week taken inside the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, and now it's   getting deluged with protests.

Taylor Swift slutted it up too too, vulgarly pointing her finger at the camera and making kind of a blow job face.

Rihanna sparked a similar outcry when she visited the same Mosque last year and was kicked out after she posted pics Vogue-ing for the camera.

The Mosque shoulda known they were trouble when they walked in. So shame on them.


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