Here's a little experiment for you: go look up a bunch of Selena Gomez headlines (we'd suggest ours, but that'd be a bit too flagrant, but then again, we just did it. Sigh. Sorry.). Tally up how many mention the Scene, Selena Gomez's band, and how many just mention Selena Gomez. If you want to be really scientifically accurate, you could split these off into pre- and post-Bieber, but either way you'll probably learn the same thing: like a true frontwoman, Gomez has much more visibility than her band.

Not in this case. Selena Gomez and the Scene's performance of "Love You Like a Love Song" is solid, as TV appearances generally are; you likely knew or could guess that the wobbly synths on the chorus translate just fine into a guitar riff, and Gomez's in good (if maybe nervous?) voice. Her performance starts below around 38:00, if you didn't want to watch the rest of the episode for Simon Cowell or others.