Selena Gomez' "Come & Get It Video": She's Definitely Ready

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When you're a teen star looking to make the transition to an adult career, you've got to prove that you've left childhood behind for good. Music videos, with the opportunities they present for image reinvention, are an ideal place to do this. Let's check in on how Selena Gomez is managing the transition in her new "Come & Get It" Music video.

She's lounging around in arty fields:

She's making out with dudes who look a lot older than Justin Bieber:

She's picked up a squad of carefully art-directed backup dancers:

She's walking away from us in slow motion:

She's hanging out on rocks in a diaphanous evening gown:

And, most importantly, she's giving the camera looks like this:

The image makeover appears to be going just fine.

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