Onwards and upwards, then, for Selena Gomez. She may have broken up with Justin Bieber—doing the dumping herself, if you believe certain sources—but girl's not gonna let a little personal drama get in the way of her getting that paper, natch. She's back to her bread-and-butter, recording new music, and will have some new shit available to her fans in the not-too-distant future—at least if you believe the word of American Idol host Ryan Seacrest, now apparently Selena's go-to source for news leaks:


Ooh. Not a ton of info to work with there, but he's got photo evidence that he was in the same room as Selena, so it looks like his story checks out. And for the record, we're still more in on Selena's last album than we were Bieber's, so we're definitely looking forward to her getting some sort of last laugh on her ex in about four months.

(By the way, old photographer dude in the back wearing a "The Dogfather" t-shirt: We love you.)