Selena Gomez Has No Time for Self-Pity in New Song "Rule the World"

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If you can't beat the leakers, join them.

That was Selena Gomez's thought process this week, after her newest song "Rule the World" found its way online through nefarious means. Instead of going DMCA crazy, Gomez did the next best thing: Release the song onto her official YouTube account and in doing so, drying up the torrents.

Gomez has said her new album is full of breakup songs, and "Rule the World" is no exception, as Selena takes aim at an unnamed ex's flaws with a lyrical scalpel: "Our love was made to rule the world / You came and broke the perfect girl." Slightly passive-aggressive, yes, but unlike a certain someone's breakup songs, the melody isn't mired in a muck of self-pity: It's bright and expansive, flying over an EDM beat that can't help getting us ready for summer. To top it off, unlike some new songs we've heard this week, the whole thing clocks in at a breezy three minutes. Editing—it's a lost art.


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