Much to the dismay of jealous Beliebers everywhere, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez continue to redefine the meaning of "public" with every extremely visible display of affection. This week alone, the 17-year-old Bieber talked about becoming a young dad and having babies, while 19-year-old Gomez has put their fledgling relationship in writing—always a better idea in theory. Gomez took the stage in Las Vegas on Saturday with a noticeably new addition to her costume: the hardly unrecognizable "Justin" inscribed inside her wrist, an obvious shout-out t0 The Bieb, and what we'd guess is the child star's equivalent of wearing a boy's football jersey down your high school hallway.

After sporting a "Sel" henna tattoo on her back last week—while the jury's still out on what it stands for, we stand by Tom Selleck–we're hoping this will wash off soon enough, unless these two have decided to ignore all advice from loved ones and the concerned commentariot around them, and launch rinto the Serious Relationship category, or are simply unfazed by the cost of tattoo removal. Since Gomez has a tendency to love like a love song, it's likely Drake's latest ink-endorsing track "Free Spirit" will become her new personal anthem.