Selena Gomez' "Stars Dance" Reviewed: "B.E.A.T."

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Honestly, Stars Dance feels like Hollywood Records set out to make a 2013 version of a Britney Spears dance album, and Selena Gomez was the perfect technically-adept cipher for the job. "B.E.A.T." is the perfect example; it's infectious and definitely racier than usual for Selena (the chorus:“It’s a big bad world but I’m not ashamed / I like the lights in my hand and the beat in my face”) and it reminds me of 2004 "In the Zone" Britney. Justin Bieber must be crying right now, ‘cause this album is so fun and all Selena says she wants to do is feel the beat on her face. Yikes.

Is this song about Justin Bieber? No, it's about the beat. Duh.


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