Sesame Street's Come Get It Bae—Miss Piggy And Grover Channel Miley And Pharrell

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There’s only one thing better than the original Come Get It Bae video—and that’s watching the Sesame Street homage.

Grover and Miss Piggy assume the roles of Pharrell and Miley Cyrus in the super cute video—and you can watch it right here on Popdust.

Grover manages to be every bit as cute as Pharrell—and Miss Piggy as Miley…. well, come on… Miss Freakin’ Piggy—the very first O-D!!!

The vid comes courtesy of Adam Schleichkorn, the same dude who previously brought us the fab Beastie Boys Muppets mashup extravaganza.

Watch the Sesame Street version, as well as the original, below, and check out more of Adam's work here