Seth Rogen Uses Hosting Gig To Call Out Chris Brown, Grammy Awards


The Independent Spirit Awards, also known as The Oscars rowdy little sister, were held on Saturday night with Seth Rogen serving as host. The funnyman not nominated for his recent dramatic turn made the best of his personal podium by packing as many offensive—but true—one-liners into a 15-minute monologue. He began by calling director Brett Ratner a bigot—which is a great reason to cut to Wilmer Valderrama laughing, since he now can enjoy being one spot lower on Hollwyood's Biggest Douchebag list—before tackling the two-week old subject of this year's Grammy Awards. In his defense, Rogen brought up what many of us have been thinking following Brown's bountiful screentime during the night: If the Academy Awards pride themselves on cutting ties with those embroiled in controversy, the Grammys will befriend any questionable soul if it promises them some ratings. "You can literally beat the shit out of a nominee, they ask you to perform twice at the Grammys," Rogen explained, in comparison to Ratner's firing from his Oscar producing duties following homophobic statements. Can I get a woo-hoo, Particia Clarkson? Don't worry, Kiki Dunst—this will all be over soon enough. Or not.

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